Technology and equipment for well stimulation by high-energy methods
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Currently well production rate decrease is observed practically in all Russian and Commonwealth of Independent States's fields. In addition many oil and gas fields with difficult geological-and-technical conditions are implemented now. Therefore, well stimulation technologies are in good demand in Russian and abroad.
One of methods of solution of this problem is well stimulation by explosive energy application for the gas-dynamic borehole treatment. This method is based on formation breakdown by high-energy treatment of combustion products of solid and liquid combustible-oxidizing compositions.
The result of gas-dynamic treatment is cyclical "repressive-depressive" dynamic influence to the borehole. Time of this influence is more than the combustion time. Thereby there are mechanical, thermal and physical-chemical effects to the formation. Extending cracks fixation is not required here, because the formation is irreversibly deformed under high-speed dynamic load.
STS-GeoService works in the field of gas-dynamic treatment methods from 1993 year. We design the required technique and technologies for various geological-and-technical conditions.
Gas generator GDK-100
Combined Perforator-Gas Generator KPG105
Application technology CPG-100 in acid-ammonia medium