Technology and equipment for well stimulation by high-energy methods
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Application technology CPG-100 in acid-ammonia medium

Application technology CPG-100 in acid-ammonia medium

I – pumping of acid-ammonium medium into the well and lowering pressure generator CPG-100;

II – burning of acid-ammonium medium;

1 – tubing;

2 – producing string;

3 – well fluid;

4 – acid-ammonia medium;

5 – powder pressure generator;

6 – production zone;

7 – perforations.

Nowadays ammonium acid compositions are being designed. They allow operating in oil and gas wells with temperatures up to 170 ⁰C and hydrostatic pressure up to 120 MPa.

Inflammation of the acid-ammonium medium is made by means of pressure generators GDK-100. When burning an acid ammonium medium, conditions for fracturing occur in the hole. Duration of the positive phase of the pressure pulse can reach a few tens of seconds and give rise to residual cracks longer than 10 m. In addition, acid ammonium medium has high detergency and during injection into the formation and washes pores of collector from asphaltene sediments.