Technology and equipment for well stimulation by high-energy methods
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Combined Perforator-Gas Generator KPG105
Combined Perforator-Gas Generator KPG105

KPG105 Combined Perforator-Gas Generators are used for jet perforating with simultaneous gas-dynamics treatment of bottomhole zone, in order to stimulate well production..

Parameters Value
Outer diameter, mm 105
Minimal inner diameter of casing, mm 125
Average service life, volleys 25
Maximum allowable temperature, оС 150
Maximum allowable hydrostatic pressure, MPa 60
Shot density, shot per meter 10
Phasing, degrees 60, 90
Number of propellant chambers 2
Maximum number of propellant charges in one chamber 6
Propellant charge weight, kg 0,5
Minimum allowable hydrostatic pressure, MPa 5
Maximum pressure of combustion products in chamber, MPa 100